X2 Yoga: Should You Do It? Honest Review

Another new edition in our P90X reviews section. Today will be talking about X2 Yoga. Which is the yoga workout DVD from P90X2 (sequel to P90X). Not everyone enjoys doing Yoga, I don’t really like doing it. However yoga and in this case x2 yoga is very beneficial to your body. It provides increased flexibility, stamina,endurance, teaches proper breathing, builds muscle and promotes recovery. Yoga does a lot for being so simple in the concept. Especially with X2 yoga your bound to get a good workout in. I even recorded myself doing X2 Yoga today and have it uploaded on YouTube. Look forward to the video at the end of this post!

x2 yoga 1
Me Doing X2 Yoga: Half Moon Position

P90X Reviews: X2 Yoga from P90X2

This post is going to focus solely on my personal experience with X2 Yoga. Please take it into consideration with your own fitness level and knowledge.

Looking back on classic Yoga X it quickly became despied by many because it was tedious,long and boring. However tony always insisted that you stick through it and do it. Even now though you can skip the last 30 minutes of Yoga X from P90X Classic and not lose out on much aside from a little balancing posture. Still though this post is about X2 YOGA not Yoga X so let’s get started!


Advantages : Like stated above in the first paragraph X2 yoga highlights a lot of things in this quick 1 hour workout. The fact that this workout is 30 minutes faster than Yoga X means it’s also 30 minutes faster paced and more intense. You still get a great burn, good abdominal exercises and the classic yoga positions we all love to hate from classic P90X.

Disadvantages: One of the first things I noticed within 3 weeks of doing X2 yoga exclusively was it became repetitive very fast. Now the whole workout isn’t repetitive but the first 30 minutes when you’re doing constant sun salutations. You’ll do 1 set of 1 each side upward dog,downward dog, warrior 1. Repeat until you get to 3 & 3 on each side then after that you move into more ‘fun and challenging’ moves. Aside from that this workout seems to go by really fast and doesn’t have too much useless moves in it. Today for example I was sweating soo much midway through this workout that it appeared I had just went swimming! I was dripping sweat from my head to my ankles it was unreal! Who says yoga can’t turn into a cardio exercise as well?

Of course staying true and committed to this every week is difficult in itself. Some people just hate doing Yoga or even X2 Yoga which is the cool version of Yoga! I recommend you finish off anything you’re dreading in your day first thing in the morning. Get it done and over with so you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day!

x2 yoga 2
Me Doing X2 Yoga: Crane Position

Need X2 Yoga?

So if your going to skip a workout, skip Kenpo instead of Yoga! X2 Yoga is probably the single most important workout in your fitness line up! Remember that consistency is Key! If your needing to get your own P90X2 please check out our link here that will direct you to our online shop where you can purchase your X2 Yoga! 





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