X2 Shoulders and Arms: My Review

This was my first time trying this workout of X2 Shoulders and Arms. I saw a lot of cool things in this workout that I enjoyed but also some things that I didn’t really like. So I’ll be giving an honest review of my thoughts on x2 shoulders and arms. I’ve only done this workout once as of this writing so please remember that when I’m giving my score for this workout.

Equipment Needed:
Stability Ball * definitively needed in my opinion*
Free Weights *Heavy weights that you max out 6-8 reps if you want size or 12-15 for lean toned look* Also one pair of light weights from 2.5-10lbs.

X2 Shoulders and Arms Review

Effectiveness: 8/10 – I found this workout very effective if you use the right type of weights. I focus on size and muscle growth so I used 6-8 reps with heavy weights ( 30lbs) for majority of my exercises except tricep extensions and moves that required low weight.

Difficulty: 6/10 – For me this workout was actually really easy, probably because I’ve been doing heavy weight lifting with starting strength since December. So I’ve been lifting considerably more than this workout can push on you which means my body as adjusted through the training effect.

Variety: 4/10  – Unfortunately this workout failed in the variety of exercises. You’re left with 7 exercises for 3 rounds repeated. The 7 exercises are fun don’t get me wrong but by the end of round 2 you are bored with them and want something new in a sense. You’ll learn to live with it though as you can add new ideas by using a chair,stability ball or putting your foot in the air.

Overall: Even with the low variety rating I still give this workout a high 8/10 simply because its simple and effective with what it can do but also the stability ball has a fun new twist to the classic moves we all know like the shoulder press, bicep curl and tricep extensions. This is now my favorite workout!

Watch below for some workout clips of my X2 shoulders and arms workout from P90X2!


X2 Shoulders and Arms


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