X2 Balance and Power: My Review

So while I’ve only done this workout once so far as of this posting. I still wanted to talk about how my experience was with this workout X2 Balance and Power from P90X2. I’ll tell you this so far, I enjoyed it quit a bit more than I did X2 Core from last week. This workout is 1 hour long, you spend 10-11 minutes stretching though which makes this workout turn into about 49 minutes of intense activity.

I personally would change this workouts name of X2 balance and power, to X2 Balance and Endurance just because there is only a few exercise where you actually use weights and even when using them Tony recommends light weights. I decided to go heavy with 20lb dumbbells and try to stay low reps since I’m used to doing my heavy lifting starting strength program.

I’m not going to list all the exercises here but I did make a youtube video that I’ll link below for you to fully watch and enjoy the video. It’s about 15 minutes long so definitely have something to snack on while watching. Just make sure its healthy!

X2 Balance and Power Review

Effectiveness: 8/10 – For what this workout claims to do for balance I can definitely understand that part. I don’t agree totally with the power building in this workout but each to their own. You will work up a good sweat for sure in this workout

Difficulty: 8/10 – For me personally this workout was challenging but not impossible. I think if you’ve never worked out before or very little then this workout will seem insane and crazy to you!

Flexibility: While this workout doesn’t really say its supposed to help your flexibility. Balance and flexibility go together and some of the moves do work your flexibility to some degree. I have found that if you’re already really flexible this workout will go much smoother!

Overall: I give this workout 8/10 which seems fair because it’s a good compilation of a variety of balance push ups and core training with a lot of random cardio activity thrown inside.


X2 Balance and Power


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