Why am I not losing weight? Answered For You!

Why am I not losing weight? Answered For You!


Lloyd is a Team BeachBody Coach that represents Beachbody, the makers of P90X and NOW P90X2! Insanity, Shakeology and others. He started his journey in 2009 going from a sickly skinny weight of 118lbs to gaining muscle mass and now weighing in at 150lbs.


I see this question alot on community boards and even get asked this question from my co-workers and other people I know. I felt it was needed finally to detail exactly WHY you aren’t losing the weight you want to.  So below I’m going to give you straight answers that aren’t sugar coated, the real business! So while this article could go for a long while, I’m going to list the top 6 reasons your not losing weight even if your working out or eating less. All this is based on personal experience and knowledge.

So there is a basic concept of how to lose weight. You work out, burn calories, burning calories equates to losing lbs over the course of time. Depending on the intensity of your workout’s could come faster or seem like its non existent.


Top 6 Reasons Your Not Losing Weight


1. Your Not Working Out Properly
This is a common misconception, if you workout 30 minutes a day or jog around the block 3 times a week you’ll see great results in a couple of weeks. That is completely false.  You need a solid workout plan that you will follow strictly along with a proper diet. Working out 5 times a week is ideal, mixing in cardio workouts(not just running for 20 minutes), muscle building workouts, and proper nutrition.

2. Your Diet is Poor
This is pretty easy to answer, If your working out hard 5 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour a day and still not seeing results. This is probably why. You may be burning the right amount of calories on each workout, but its not doing much to help you lose weight due to a poor diet. Either your over eating and your still in taking too many calories a day. Or your calories are coming from foods high in fat and low in protein.  You need to create a calorie deficit and along with working out will lead to weight loss.  For Example, if your body needs 2000 calories a day, start with a 300 calorie or 500 calorie deficit. It takes 3500 calories to lose 1lb,  at 500 calories that’s 1lb a week which is a solid number.

3. Over estimating calories burned
This one is pretty major, if your telling yourself that your burning more calories than you actually are. Then your doomed to fail. If you do jogging for 35 minutes you maybe burned 400 calories, maybe. If you automatically go ‘ hmm I burned about 650 calories or 800 calories based on how exhausted I am’. Then your over estimating which will make your diet suffer because you’ll over eat. So get either a tracker that measures how many calories you burned, or a phone app. Even with those, I still actually say its about 10% less than what they show to be safe.

4.  Your not counting your calories
I myself just got into this habit a few months ago and it helped me enormously. Before counting my calories I would just assume I ate 2000 or 3000 calories and call it a day.  I wouldn’t know my fat intake, carb, or protein intake. Which as a result, I never saw improvement for months.   I downloaded an app on my droid phone to help me count my calories. I follow it daily to know close to exactly how many calories I’m taking in.  As a result its helped me to reach my goals a lot quicker .  

5.  Your eating too many carbohydrates
Depending on your body type this will matter A LOT or not as much.  Carbs provide the body with energy for physical activity and helps support organ/ brain function.  40-60% of your calories should be carbs. However too many carbs will be stored for later in your body and eventually turn into fat. So monitor your carb carefully, find out how many you need to maintain your body and never eat over the required carb limit!

6. Drink Shakeology Everyday. Period. 
If you haven’t already heard of shakeology, your seriously hindering your results. Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day, can be used as a meal replacement throughout the day. Is perfect for first thing in the morning or right after a workout. It has over 70 whole ingredients! Do you hate eating vegetables? Well guess What! Worry not, with Shakeology it has a full days serving of vegetables in one glass!



While there is many more options I can go over. I belive the top 6 are solid. After that, the reasons could be due to genetics ( diabetes for example), among emotional hardships as well.

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