Weight Lifting Workouts:Starting Strength #20

Weight Lifting Workouts:
Starting Strength #20


Hey guys, I know I posted yesterday about X2 Yoga but like I said recently. I want to be active here so lets update you! Today Weight Lifting Workouts:Starting Strength #20, I maxed out on overhead press a few weeks back. I told myself I would do 3 more workouts with that maxed reps before I tried to increase. 3/3/3 instead of a 5/5/5. For Powercleans It looked like I maxed out at around 125, which I was unable to do last week. So for the next 3 workouts of SS that require powerclean, I’ll be doing 120lbs instead of the required weight. To prevent me from maxing out further.

Lets take a look at the reps for today.

Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Session # 20

Squat(Hack Technique)
Supposed to be: 5/5/5 @ 175lbs
My reps: 4/1 @ 165lbs
5/5 @ 150lbs

So while I’m able to do 165lbs, last exercise of SS my form was poor. It looks like I’ve kinda maxed on all exercises of SS by now. Instead of doing 175lbs today I did 1 set of 165lbs but was unable to do a straight 5 reps. Had to rest a few seconds between the 4th and 5th. Once I’m able to do 5/5/5 @ 165lbs I’ll increase the weights. For now It’ll be 165 and 150lbs!

Overhead Press
Supposed to be: 5/5/5 @ 125lbs
My reps: 3/3/3 @ 115lbs

I believe this is the 2nd workout of using this weight, I maxed out 2-3 workouts again on 115lbs so I decided to do a 3/3/3 until I can hit each set easily enough to reach 5/5/5 @ 115lbs. Once I can do that I’ll move onto higher weight. Otherwise I’ll be using poor form past 115lbs at this current stage.

Power Clean
Supposed to be 5 sets of 3 reps @ 130lbs
My Reps: 5 sets of 3 reps @ 120lbs

So while I never really maxed out or tried to do 130lbs today. Last week I was unable to get even 1 rep at 125lbs.  I lowered down to 120lbs and continued. So for the next 3 workouts I’ll be doing 120lbs until I can move up in weight easily enough.

In general it seems like I’ve maxed or stalled on a lot of these workouts. Which is what happens overtime I’ve heard. My choices are to de-load 10%, stay at current weight until beat previous numbers, or micro load(2.5lbs instead of 5 lbs per workout increase). I decided to go with stay at current weight until beat previous numbers or maintain for 3 workouts.

Whats your take on the matter?

Workout Time: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

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