Weight Lifting Workouts: Starting Strength (my week 8)

Weight Lifting Workouts:
Starting Strength (my week  8 )

with video Included below!



Hey guys, lets talk about my Weight Lifting Workouts: Starting Strength (my week 8). Today was X2 Yoga from P90X2. The worker as a whole is really great, its got a little bit of cardio from the intensity at which you move, stretching, flexibility & balance of course! Today was supposed to be a starting strength workout but I opted for this workout instead so that I can improve my flexibility. Its been a couple weeks since I had a good yoga workout.

Looks like I’m gonna try to go fishing again tomorrow, hopefully I actually catch something so I can record a video of me cooking it! It would definitly be delicious lol. The main thing I want to talk about today is dreams, passions, and how to go about achieving them. When I first started out working out back in 2009, I didnt know much, prior to that my passion was playing world of warcraft A LOT lol. Still though, due to personal reasons I had quit that game september 2009 and put my free time into P90X! I saw a lot of mental & physical changes by doing P90X. My confidence increased, my mood,  determination and of course my body! One day I woke up and reliazed I wanted to do this for a living, I wanted to help others break free of their addiction or real their fitness goals through p90x or shakeology. To this day my passion has been health,fitness, nutrition, ever since I had that revelation. So my advice to you… is that no matter what your passion is. Be it video games like mine used to be, skateboarding, or reading books. Figure out a way you can turn your passion into a livelyhood and you’ll be a very happy person.

Like Confucius once said ‘ Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ‘

at least I think he said that lol. Still though, its very true. I’m going to push beyond my limits to make my dreams come true. So my question to you… What Are You Going to Do to Make Your Dreams Come True?!

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