Universal Nutrition Real Gains Review

After about 30 days of use with Universal Nutrition Real Gains I did a video review talking about the product. This post goes along side that telling you my thoughts on it so you can decide if this is something worth it for you. I would recommend to watch the video below and also read this full post :). Lets get started!

Universal Nutrition Real Gains Review

Lets see how this weight gainer scored with my own little system I use for supplement reviews. This is my first time trying this product since I hadn’t used it before.

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Effectiveness – 8/10

I really thought Universal Nutrition Real Gains weight gainer was actually a solid product for effectiveness. The main reasons I purchased it was because of the good serving per bag ratio and also the fact it didn’t require that much powder per serving. I gained about 6lbs on this product and it lasted me for 2 months before I was out of it, I know I could have gained more if I followed my calorie surplus a little better. Some days I would not eat enough which resulted in average gains.

Flavor – 9/10 (Cookies & Cream)

Probably the best tasting cookies & cream flavor shake I’ve ever had when mixed with milk. I used 1 full serving plus 16 oz of whole milk which tasted great, while supplying me with over 900 calories. I tried it a few times with water as well and it was alright still. My personal favorite was using Universal Nutrition Real Gains to make the Get Buff Blizzard which is basically an amazing cookies & cream shake giving you over 1300+ calories! Also don’t forget this has real cookie bits used :).

Mixability – 8/10  with a shaker cup  – 10/10 with blender

Mixed great in a shaker cup, you can’t expect 100% blend with just a shaker because this flavor has cookies inside it. Which will always leave a little residue and bits around but other than that I didn’t have any significant powder clumping issues. If you go and use a blender for your Universal Nutrition Real Gains then it will be smooth and no clumping or bits left over.

Value – 7/10

This has a fair value price of about $1.86 per full serving (3.5 scoops), you can expect this to last you about 31 days if taken once daily which is what I would recommend. It cost $57.74 for the 10.6lb bag + $10 shipping (at least for me) on bodybuilding.com. I’m pretty happy with it because the taste was good and the price was normal.


Final Score – 8/10


Universal Nutrition Real Gains Review

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