TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale Review

Product Review: TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

Company: Amazon via seller Gotobuy-USA (100% feedback rating)

Price Range:  $30

Who Would Buy This:

The type of person interested in purchasing TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale would be someone who enjoys counting their calories and knowing exact amounts of calories,macronutrients and micronutrients. Also someone who is more technically inclined and able to use a bluetooth device (iOS/Android/) to make the DietScale app work properly with this product.


  •  The TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale has a nice sleek design that looks great on any counter.
  •  Accurately measures food in 5 different modes (g, oz, lb:oz, water (ml), water(cup),milk(ml) and milk(cup) by pressing the MODE button).
  •  Supports up to 11lbs/ 5kb in weight allowing you to measure and know the weight of a huge variety of items.
  •  Bluetooth Wireless App(DietScale) to download and use with this scale, allowing you to know exact break down of nutrients in any food item you wish.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • The touch functions are overly sensitive
  • The DietScale app is poorly optimized (multiple bug issues I encountered which you can see in the video below)
  •  Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)

18 month warranty and Hassle Free, Premium Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Value for money?
At $30 roughly this is a premium product in the line of very basic kitchen scales. The highlights of this scale are the bluetooth features and ability to use the app wireless to get exact measurements and information on nutritional value of food. However the APP still needs a lot more work if it wants to compete or even be a replacement for users who already use other popular food tracking apps like MyFitnessPal/FatSecret/etc. If you are in love with the sleek design (white glass) then you might enjoy this value. Of course you will probably have the coolest “looking” Kitchen Scale on your street :). For simplicity’s sake it’s a tad expensive.

Where to buy 
Click Here To Buy: LINK TO PRODUCT

Click Here Read Reviews: LINK TO REVIEWS

Where to get App:

Click here to download app for iOS: LINK 

Click here to download app for Android: LINK


Final thoughts and rating:

I was sent this product to review and am very thankful to be offered this opportunity. I tried out all the features and gave my honest opinion in the Youtube Video below that you can watch (Yes I know it’s quite long but there’s always much to explain and test!). For those limited on time skip ahead to the following times in the video.

07:18 (weighing an apple, trying app)
11:18 (Gatorade + creatine test)
14:54 (timed test & real talk)
20:05 (final thoughts and rating)

For those unable to watch the video I would give this TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale a 4 out of 5 stars. The reason I take one star off is because the DietScale app needs to be reconfigured and the bugs need to be fixed. If you charge $20-25 for this scale, remove bluetooth features (pointless with the current version of app in my opinion), include the 4 AAA batteries and fix the overly sensitive buttons then I would rate this 5 out of 5. Alas we can’t have everything so for what it’s worth this product does the job of simply being a kitchen scale and also a few more things 🙂

TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen ScaleFinal: 4 out of 5 stars

TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale




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