Top 5 Resistance Training Moves To Strengthen Your Upper Body

Top 5 Resistance Training Moves To Strengthen Your Upper Body

The gym can be a daunting place at times, especially for women that have never been before and feel they have to go just to lose a few kilos.

The word gym is usually closely followed by another word: commitment. But a lot of women simply don’t have the time to go on a regular basis because of real-life commitments such as work and children.

Not being able to hit the gym isn’t the end of the world, though! Resistance training is growing in popularity with Australian women and can be done by anyone, anywhere, at a time that suits them.

Resistance training is excellent for building strength and is widely regarded globally as having a huge range of health benefits including reducing the risks of cancers, enhancing flexibility, and more.

Resistance training also offers a lot of variety and helps keep things fresh for women that want a training routine suited to their lifestyle.

For those that want to get started straight away here are five excellent resistance training moves to tone the upper body and help strengthen core muscles:

1: Arm Raises

Arm raises are great to strengthen the shoulders and can be done with light weights or an exercise band. With feet shoulder-width apart keep the weight/band at your side and lift out until the arm is level with the shoulder. Hold for five seconds, lower, and repeat 10 times.

If your back begins to hurt or it aches when you lift then stop – you should be feeling a slight burn in your shoulders and arms, nothing more.

2: Bicep Curls

A great way to strengthen your arms is to do some bicep curls, again with a light weight or resistance band.

Sit or stand holding the weight just beyond shoulder width and raise it by bending the arms at the elbow, moving to the front of the shoulder. Lower to the starting position.

3: Tricep Extension

Don’t forget your triceps! The back of your arm can also be trained with light weights and a resistance band – again, if you feel any aches then stop and check your form.

Hold your weight and place your elbow close to your ear with the arm bent. Keeping as straight as possible extend your arm upward, keeping the elbow in the same position, until the arm is straight. Lower to the starting position and repeat.

4: Chest Press

Perfect for light weights, find a bench and lay on it. Holding the weights push them in front of you without locking your elbows and lower them to just above chest height. Hold for a couple of seconds and push out again, repeating 10-12 times. Push ups are also a great chest resistance exercise.

5: Seated Row

Time for the resistance band again! Sit down and put your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly. Put the middle of the band onto the arches of your feet and grab the handles (cross the band if it feels too long) and hold by your side.

Lean your torso back 45 degrees, squeeze your stomach, and curl the handles up to your shoulders. Hold at the top and repeat. Not only does this tone your abs but your triceps and biceps, too.

If you’d like to find out more about how resistance training can help to improve your fitness, build up your strength and tone your body, visit Curves Australia to find out more.

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