Top 5 Exercises for Building a Great Defined Chest

All forms of exercise are good for you. You can tone muscles, increase stamina, lose weight and generally improve your health and well-being. But if you`re looking to work on a specific problem area or part of your body, such as your chest, you`ll need to do a little more planning and develop a routine meant to target that body part. If you want a well-defined chest, you`ll need to include particular exercises into your daily workout.

Incline Exercises

You need to work incline moves into your routine for a developed chest. You can use dumbbells, a Smith machine or barbells to do your incline moves. The movement warms up the underused chest muscles quickly, so you`re moving the largest amount of weight possible to incite muscle growth. Start off with incline moves as part of your weightlifting routine. From there, you can go to decline or flat moves, both of which you should be naturally stronger in.

Power Pressing

Power pressing works in much the same way as dead-lifting in that you won`t have the benefit of momentum or elasticity. Set your Smith machine or power rack safeties to a point that will only give you a partial range of movement, as opposed to a full range of motion. As you`re coming down, you`ll need to let the bar settle completely before you go back to the top of the movement. Power pressing will help you build power and strength fast using the positive movement portion.


Don`t just stick to barbells as part of your chest-building routine. You`ll get a different range of motion and tension from a dumbbell than you would from just barbells. Dumbbells are especially useful for incline exercises, so make sure you use both barbells and dumbbells in your workout.

Parallel Bar Dips

Parallel bar dips work out the entire chest area, but you`ll need a sturdy parallel dip apparatus to perform the exercise. You`ll need to lean forward to engage your chest muscles as you do this exercise. Inhale as you lower yourself and exhale as you bring yourself back into the starting position. You can use a harness to add a barbell or dumbbell plate to this exercise to increase the level of resistance. Visit a local sports equipment store or your local gym to locate a proper harness.


Stretching after you work out helps speed up muscle recovery and growth. It`s easy to skip the stretching after you`re done working out, but by doing so you`re slowing down your chest development and opening yourself up to injury. Remember to breathe as you stretch to relax yourself and your body as much as possible and avoid sudden or jerky movements.

If you find yourself struggling to follow your normal routine, don`t be afraid to change things up. Boredom with your routine can cause you to actively avoid exercising and hinder your progress. Visit a local sports store, such as, to look for new exercise ideas and add some variety to your workout.

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