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5 Pre-workout reviews in one post!

by Lloyd Sterling

I tried several sample pre workouts a few weeks ago and I’ve had their empty packets on my desk here for a while! I wanted to give a real quick review on each of them. This will mostly just be based on flavour and effectiveness I had for my workout. I will leave it up [...]

C4 Extreme Sweet Tea: Honest Review

by Lloyd Sterling
c4 extreme sweet tea

Writing a post today to talk about C4 Extreme pre workout and their new flavor Sweet TEA! I was pretty excited to try it and my girlfriend actually the one who bought this. She was kind enough to give me a few scoops worth of C4 Extreme Sweet Tea so I could try it myself! [...]

MuscleTech NANO Vapor Review

by Lloyd Sterling
muscletech nano vapor review

A few months back I received a free package of MuscleTech performance series Nano Vapor to try then review. I also got some promotional items to go with it. After trying out the full 40 serving container I wanted to go ahead and give my review on it. MuscleTech NANO Vapor Pre Workout   EFFECTIVENESS [...]

Universal Nutrition Real Gains Review

by Lloyd Sterling
Universal Nutrition Real Gains review

After about 30 days of use with Universal Nutrition Real Gains I did a video review talking about the product. This post goes along side that telling you my thoughts on it so you can decide if this is something worth it for you. I would recommend to watch the video below and also read [...]

Beast Creature “Creatine” Review

by Lloyd Sterling
beast creature supplement review

Today I wanted to give my written review that goes alongside my review I made a few days ago for Creature by Beast Sports which is supposed to be an advanced creatine blend. I’ve only tried one sample serving of this so my review below and attached video at the bottom is based on that.  Beast [...]

EBOOST Supplement Review

by Lloyd Sterling
eboost supplement review

Just the other day I did a review on EBOOST, which is an all natural supplement that helps to boost your immune system and energy levels. I wouldn’t place it in the same category as super pumped up pre-workout drinks but it does seem to have a decent ingredient list. I would compare this to [...]

Cellucor BCAA Review

by Lloyd Sterling
Thumbnail image for Cellucor BCAA Review

A few weeks ago I did a cellucor bcaa review in video format which I put on Youtube. I’ll embed the video below so you can watch it as well to get my in-depth run down of ingredients. The video is quite long but tells you everything about cellucor bcaa and also what the ingredients [...]

Hemotest / Hemotropin 2XC Review

by Lloyd Sterling
Thumbnail image for Hemotest / Hemotropin 2XC Review

So it’s been about 30 days since I started my Hemotest 2XC and Hemotropin 2XC. Both supplements were given to me by Nutrabolics to test and review so shoutout to Rachel Killam from Nutrabolics for that, thank you! So after taking this for 30 days I’ve got some pros and cons to list so this [...]

Cellucor Super Sport Review

by Lloyd Sterling
Thumbnail image for Cellucor Super Sport Review

Cellucor is a premier sports and weight loss supplement company. Known primarily for their C4 Extreme and popular thermogenic fat loss products. Cellucor also carries a whey isolate /hydrolysate protein. Which is really the best of both worlds when it comes to protein absorption. Hydrolysate is the best form available allowing up to 90% or more total protein [...]

MRM Turbo Driven Review w/ Video

by Lloyd Sterling
Thumbnail image for MRM Turbo Driven Review w/ Video

MRM Turbo Driven Pre Workout review. This is a newer supplement from MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers). I applied for the supplement promotion on bodybuilding forums and was sent this 2 serving (one container) packet to taste and test. No Review was required but I felt I should give this supplement the honor of having a [...]

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