Super Gains Pack Review: Monthly Supplement Service & Unboxing video

 I was contacted by the company Super Gains Pack to do a review for them for their new monthly fitness box which includes a variety of supplements. There is 3 different versions you can choose to go with ranging from $12-28 in price(USA residents only). Below is the different options and I was sent the Super Gains Pack ($28 option) to review in the video you’ll find attached below. Even though this was sent to me for review I was still honest in my experience with the product and service. The great thing about these types of monthly subscription services is that you can get lots of new supplements to try. Some that you’ve never heard of but then fall in love with. Surprisingly there was 2 really good snacks in this box that I never tried before and after trying them from the Super Gains Pack I might purchase the full version of them later :).

What was inside for my box:

  • 19-20 random supplements (endurance gels/protein bar/honey snack treat/pre workouts/whey protein/thermogenics/etc)
  • 1 (10 serving) trial size of Beast Creature
  • 1 (10 serving) trial size of Beast Pre Workout
  • SGP Shaker Bottle
  • SGP Sticker
  • SGP Informational pamphlet that included grocery list, food facts, and exercise to try.

Overall even though this $28 pack version is the most expensive it comes with the biggest savings I found. Based on the price per each serving and all the products included I averaged it to be a total of around $40-45 worth of product sent to you while paying $28. That leaves you with a good amount of savings, if of course you try to use all the supplements provided before the next month comes around. Sometimes you might get a product you wont like (thermogenics for me). In which case the savings are less but still decent. One cool feature about Super Gains Pack is that if you sign up for their monthly newsletter a full serving of product is given away each month to their members in a drawing most likely. You might win some free supplements which is always cool!

In the end  this new supplement subscription box company actually impressed with the box I was sent and their claims. If each months box is like the one I received for all customers then that is pretty awesome. If I was looking to spend an extra $28-30 per month I would definitely pick up and at least try out the Super Gains Pack box at least once. It’s always fun to try out new supplements and the anticipation is great when you notice a new box has arrived! Visit them at for more info.

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Super Gains Pack Review

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