Starting Strength Session # 12

starting strength session 12

by Lloyd Sterling on April 22, 2012

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starting strength

starting strength

Starting Strength
Session 12

Hey guys whats going on, coach lloyd here once again! I know its been a couple days since my last post but I’ve been pretty busy IRL and I apologize for that. Today’s post is actually discussing yesterdays workout which was starting strength. Overall it was a excellent workout and one of my personal bests. With the help of C4 Extreme by Cellucor this was a great workout that I truely feel was 10/10 on the intensity level. So I’ll go ahead and dicuss the stats for starting strength session 12.

Starting Strength

Back squats - 3 sets of 5 reps at 110lbs
Now this was very tough, personally its a new record for me. Achieving 110lbs without a squat rack is pretty good for me at least. I feel within the next 5-10 lbs I’ll max out.

Overhead Press – 3 sets of 5 reps at 85lbs
I like this exercise, its tough but it feels great when your lifting a heavy weight clear above your head.  The highest I’ve gone in this exercise was 115lbs so we still have a little bit of room before we reach max.

Pull Ups – 3 sets to failure (13/7/7)
This exercise is great, you get so pumped up at the end. Its a struggle to do good form and reps but when you finish you feel like a beast for real! I cycled out Power Cleans for Pull Ups and I’m happy with how it turned out. I feel my strength is increasing nicely with this exercise added to my starting strength program.

The duration of todays workout of Starting Strength was 33 minutes.
Intensity Level Brought: 10/10

Pre Workout – 2 Scoops C4 Extreme by Cellucor

Post Workout – 5g Creatine by Optimum Nutrition

Fitness Programs

You’ll be needing P90X, Insanity or another type of beachbody program to keep you in check & make sure your getting those workouts in! Click the link below for which your interested!

Starting Strength #12



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