Starting Strength Day 1 in 2013

So back at it again with Starting Strength but we are doing a modified version of what works best for me. A lot of the hardcore SS people will say that if you change ANYTHING from the original it’s no longer Starting Strength. Well that may be true but I don’t know what else to call it to sound like a cool kid so I’ll keep the name lol.

Today was a pretty good day for my workout, its been about 1 week since I’ve done any serious lifting so I was happy with how my workout went today. Of course on day 1 with starting strength you pick a pretty light weight, as a result my workout wasn’t super difficult and only took about 55 minutes to complete. I did 3 basic compound exercises of the following.

Starting Strength Day 1 in 2013

Workout Sets:  (4 warm up sets, 3 working sets)
Backsquat 115lbs 
Bench Press 120lbs
Barbell Row 80lbs

Those are just the working sets not including the 4 sets of warm ups for each exercise. I tried some new things today like a 3 tempo on my bench press which gave me a pretty good pump even though it was light weight. The second thing I tried was lifting from the floor with barbell row on each rep. It relieved me of any back pain I was having and it felt pretty good! I’ve included the first working set of each exercise in the video below along with just a summary of the workout. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and the newsletter up top as well!

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