Starting Strength # 33 – Workout Clips

Starting strength session # 33 was todays workout. For those of you who don’t know what starting strength is, it’s basically heavy lifting of compound exercises three days a week.  Ranging from bench press, dead lift, back squats, over head press & power cleans. In the version I’m doing which is called Practical Programming, it omits power cleans for pull/chin ups instead which I like more personally. I still haven’t mastered power cleans so I don’t want to continue doing bad form on that with this starting strength round.

starting strength workout
Starting Strength #33 - Back Squat

Starting Strength Stats: Session # 33

  • Squats ( 4 warm up sets, 1 working set of 3 sets x5 reps @ 140lbs)
  • Overhead Press ( 4 warm up sets, 1 working set of 3 sets x 5 reps @ 115lbs)
  • Chin Ups w/ 20lb weighted vest ( 3 sets to failure)
  • Barbell Curls ( Set 1 – 55×5, Set 2 – 75×5, Set 3 – 80×5)

My last back squat video I was doing 165lbs and 150lbs but I wasn’t breaking  parallel. In this video I listened to a comment someone left on my video. They had suggested to use a small box and have your behind touch it each time to represent parallel. I tried it out and it worked really well for me to get deep enough. My brain thinks I’ve hit  parallel but watching back on my videos I can see I haven’t. I tried using this tactic for 165/150lbs but I wasn’t able to go deep enough to hit the box. So I dropped down to 135lbs last week and this week I did 140lbs. I only have 3 more workouts of starting strength before I’m done with this round (36 total sessions). After that I might look into P90X2 along with starting strength but I haven’t decided on that yet :).

I hope you guys enjoy the video below. Feel free to rate my squat form and so on. I know my chin ups are fast and not isolated which I recommend but depending on the day I’ll go fast & high reps on chin/pull ups. Or I’ll go slow and lower rep count. I also use a 20lb weighted vest which adds a lot more resistance. Just recently I added in bicep curls to my starting strength program to get more growth on them.

Starting Strength # 33 – Workout Clips


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