Weight Lifting Workouts: Starting Strength (my week 6)

Week 6 Update Video!

with video Included below!


Hey guys whats up! Here is my week 6 update video! Talking about how my session of starting strength went today, the update of  the new layout here at nuwave fitness. Calorie intake, new shaker bottle, awesome blender and other things! The one thing I totally forgot to talk about in the video though was about my 4AM wake up challenge. I guess I’ll make another video for that next week or something.

Here are the stats today for Starting Strength Session #16. Only the working sets are posted.

Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Session # 16

Squat(Hack Technique)
3 sets of 5 reps @ 155lbs.

Well for this workout I had to go with 2 reps(rest) finish for 5/ 2 reps(rest) finish for 5/ 3 reps(rest) finish for 2. Had to take a few breaks inbetween, no straight 5 reps unforutantely but I still did all required amount of reps. I feel a lot stronger in my legs though, considering back in 12/2011 I was maxing out at 115lbs on hack squats.  Increased 40lbs since then. Not bad I think lol. 🙂

Overhead Press
3 sets of 5 reps @ 115lbs**
My reps: 4/1/0 @ 115lbs

So the first problem I had with this exercise was that I accidently did 80lbs on a warm up set instead of 65lbs. So instead of doing 75lbs on the next warm up exercise I did 90lbs.  Which I thought would even out fine. Still though, I was able to do 4 reps straight on the working set, rested, did 1 more rep, after doing 5 reps total I felt like I couldn’t do anymore without risk of dropping the weight. I guess thats my official ‘stall’. I am giving myself 3 try’s to beat this weight over the next 3 workouts that require this exercise. As long as my reps are better than 4/1/0 it will mean i’m increase and dont need to de-load. If i do worse or the same after 3 tries I’ll lower the weight by 10% and go from there!

Power Clean
5 reps of 3 reps @ 120lbs

This was pretty tough, took a good while to finish all the working sets, but I was able to do them. Not all of them were straight 3 reps each time. Some would be 1-2 reps and rest a few seconds then finish for 3. Either way though I finished all the reps thankfully :). I feel close to maxing here but not just yet. Maybe in another 20 lbs i’ll be maxed out?!

Well thats about it I believe for today. The calorie mark isnt too bad. I’ll probably take 1 more isopure serving before bed. Either way, check out the calories below!

total calories: 2880

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g) KCals
66.31 461.12 130.17 288


Calorie Percent:  82%



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