Skinny to Muscular: Episode 1

skinny to muscular

by Lloyd Sterling on August 22, 2012

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Just the other day my friend Brandon emailed me asking a wide array of questions regarding the ectomorph and gaining weight. He is 147lbs and about 5’11, he’s hoping to hit 160lbs soon. Hes got a similar body frame as mine so I thought I’d help answer his questions. However with all the knowledge he wanted to know I thought it was best if I made a video and included all the questions he had.

Feel free to check out skinny to muscular episode 0 where I’m talking about what exactly this whole little series is about!

Skinny To Muscular Episode 1

So this video is rather long, please grab some water and take your time watching it. Its got a lot of great information that will help anyone looking to go from skinny to muscular!


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