Skinny To Muscular New Web Series!

skinny to muscular

by Lloyd Sterling on August 15, 2012

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Lately I’ve been making a lot of videos on YouTube.  Some of them are focused on nutrition or maybe gaining weight for the ectomorph for example. However my videos tend to be around random or a huge variety of health and fitness topics. I often times get messaged on how to gain weight or which exercises and supplements to take for a skinny person. So I’ve decided to create a web series that I’ll be filming and putting on youtube showing ways to go from skinny to muscular.

Skinny to Muscular

This YouTube series will focus 100% on ectomorph or the classic ‘hardgainer’ which means you wont be need to search different videos on youtube for information on going from skinny to muscular. I will have all the episodes and information you need to know to get BIG!

I recorded some information today which will stand as episode 0 of the skinny to muscular series. It gives you some information about myself and also what to expect in the coming weeks/future. So please enjoy watching below!


Skinny to Muscular NEW Web Series!


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