30 Day Challenge: Waking up at 4 am Day 0

by Lloyd Sterling

30 Day Challenge:  Waking up at 4 am DAY 0    Hey guys,  This is my pre day 1 post of my new 30 day challenge I’ve set for myself.  There is a couple of reasons I’ve wanted to start this challenge. Now based on the title either you think it’s an awesome idea so you can [...]

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Prologue

by Lloyd Sterling

So here it is, the Prolouge of my hopefully positive adventure into SWTOR(star wars the old republic). Get used to those abrevations because they will probably come a lot more. I hope I don’t become addicted to this game and it doesn’t take over my life(like wow did)! I’ll be trying to post as often [...]

Plyometrics Mat

by Lloyd Sterling

          Plyometrics Mat The Black Mat™ by Manduka™ Designed for performance, comfort, safety, and longevity, the Black Mat provides the shock-absorbing surface needed during a jump-intensive training program. Thicker and denser than other mats, this mat stays put on both hard and soft surfaces to provide a soft and secure landing. [...]

Combos Oldsuperman Stack

by Lloyd Sterling

Build Muscle In And Out Of The Gym!* Related posts: Combos Advanced Muscle Building Stack 1 Combos Women’s Muscle Building Teen Stack – Advanced Combos Roger Lockridge Stack Combos Kris Gethin Advanced Stack

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