Ripped Freak Review: Strongest Pre Workout Supplement?

So along with my ordered supplements today I selected a free sample of the new pre workout called Ripped Freak. So here is an honest ripped freak review on this supplement by pharmafreak sciences. I’m not the usual person to try 10 different pre workouts. I stick to one that works for me and don’t lean away from it. I’ve been very happy with C4 Extreme by Cellucor but I wanted to give this an honest try.

Ripped Freak Review:

So I’ll be honest and rate this product on how I feel it worked for me. Now please take note that I’ve only used this product one time as of this posting and haven’t done extensive testing on the ingredients on anything. This is pretty much solely a taste and effectiveness ripped freak review.

Effectiveness –  8/10

This product served its purpose pretty well today for my workout. I’m not sure if its coincidence but I did better than I expected on my back squats and bench press. I thought I was going to stall today on back squats but I managed to do all sets/reps! I felt a controlled yet aggressive focus by taking this product. I didn’t get any jittering feeling from the beta alanine however. It might have a lower dose than I’m used to.

Flavor – 0/10

Unfortunately, this product really failed in the taste department for me. It was so bad that I almost vomited on the last gulp. I tried the blue raspberry flavor and it tasted like straight chemical compound without any flavor. It was pretty tough to taste! Remember this is only 1 flavor and one serving I’ve tried, yet I’m giving an honest ripped freak review!

Mixability – 6/10

Ripped freak mixed decently for me, there wasn’t a lot of grainy powder but I did notice a slight froth on the top of the drink along with some powder left at the bottom.

Value – 5/10

I’m giving this a 50/50 value score just because the fact is this product claims to never go over 2 scoops. Recommended is 0.5-1 scoop maybe 1.5 scoops at some point.  So if you’re only taking 0.5-1 scoop it makes this product last a lot longer than 45 servings the container says. Still for 42$ for 45 servings its one of the more expensive pre workouts on the market today as well….

If you’re interested in watching a first time taste test video. Check out my ripped freak review video below!

Ripped Freak Review

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