Return of Daily Video Series!

I’m a few weeks behind posting this but I wanted to inform all my viewers that I have picked up the daily video series again on YouTube. I’ve been at it for about three weeks now and am doing fairly decent at it! I’ve changed what type of videos come out each day so there is a wide variety but they all pertain to fitness and health in one way or another. I encourage you to watch our daily video series and I’ve also added a link on the side bar with an image to our category of posts. I’ll try my best to post here daily when a new video comes out but if you want to be even more up to date I’d recommend visiting our YouTube channel directly and subscribe so you can be emailed when a video is released! This is how the daily video series will go. I’m human so it’s highly possible I’ll miss a day here and there but I’ll do my best!

Daily Video Series

Motivating Monday: We discuss ways to increase our motivation and desire to be successful in our fitness and health.

Technique Tuesday: We show one exercise and how to do it correctly, whats the benefits to it and what it looks like.

Workout Wednesday: A montage of clips and workout footage of me to show my progress but also give you ideas on exercises you can incorporate into your routines.

Toasting Thursday: Our nutritional video for the week, right now it’s mainly me cooking and showing recipes that are healthy or great if you are bulking or strict on counting calories.

Free Lunch Friday: The ‘vlog’ video of the week but mainly this video gives me free rein on any topic I want to talk about. It could be me rambling out my favorite tv show or something more specific. It really depends how I feel that day :).

Supplement Saturday: The informative supplement video of the week. Right now its me discussing in detail specifics of certain supplements like 5-HTP and Creatine for example.

Solution Sunday: These videos are similar to Motivation Monday but usually pertain to an issue or problem that is preventing us from something and how to figure out a ‘solution’ to these problems.

While this is the format I’m currently following nothing is written in stone. This way seems to be going pretty good and I’m happy with that. If for example I plan to do a supplement review and it’s not Saturday (to go with that type of video for the day). I’ll simply make the video anyway and upload it regardless of the specific day. All in all this is a great way to share my knowledge with you in varies areas and also for you guys to learn a lot as well so stay tuned!

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