Redefine Episode 5 + 6

So I double uploaded 2 videos today of my redefine series episode 5 and 6. Both videos are a few days apart but I uploaded them on the same day to avoid falling too far behind with these videos. Redefine Episode 6 was actually a great workout where I did 100% of the movements and was really feeling good. Of course I did have my trust friend C4 Extreme but that’s alright because its normal 🙂

Here are the weights used on Redefine Episode 5 + 6

Redefine Episode 5 Weights:
*Working Sets only shown

Back Squats:

3×5 at 115lbs

Incline Bench Press:

3×5 at 115lbs

Preacher curls  (10/10) at 55lbs

Redefine Episode 5 YouTube Video

Started at 8:30PM (pretty late for me actually)

Duration: 54 minutes / Overall Difficulty: 7/10

Redefine Episode 6 Weights:

Front squats:

3×5 at 95lbs

Military Press:

2×5 at 80lbs


1×5 at 130lbs

Dips: 30/20/15

Skullcrushers (close grip) 55lbs: 8/8/8

Calf Raises 65lbs: 30/30

Started: 8:10Pm

Duration 1hr 25 minutes

Supplements Taken: C4 Extreme 1 scoop pre workout

Overall Difficulty: 7/10

Redefine Episode 6 Youtube Video

Redefine Episode 6 Embed Video

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