Redefine Episode 4

Another installment in my workout program is Redefine Episode 4. I wasn’t able to do the optional work (Dips,Skullcrushers & Calf Raises) but I did the most important exercises which was the main lifts. I felt pretty good in this workout and was the first time I had my “Buff Blizzard”. Which is a 1200+ calorie milkshake recipe, I recorded the video already on how to make it so I’ll be sure to upload that soon. With the help of the protein and carb intake Redefine Episode 4 wasn’t that difficult but I just started too late like I tend to do lately. My weight has actually increased a little so I’m happy about that.


Redefine Episode 4

Start: 8:40PM- 9:27PM
Calories Prior: 1230
Workout Duration: 40 minutes
Supplements Taken: Cellucor C4 Extreme + N03 Chrome  / Cellucor BCAA 1 scoop 20 min intra workout

Working Set Weights:

Front Squats 3 x5 at 90lbs
Military Press 2 x 5 at 75lbs
Deadlift 1 x 5 at 120lbs

Difficulty Overall: 7/10
*Warm Up sets not shown

In the end I think today was a success because I showed up to hit play on my workout. Even though I had the help of C4 Extreme (green apple tastes great!). On to the next day!

Redefine Episode 4

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