Redefine Episode 3

Still trying to do my best here with my restarted weight lifting program. I like to call it Redefine EP X depending on the session of my workout with the according YouTube video that I upload alongside this blog post. Today’s workout was supposed to be about 7 exercises but I was pressed for time and unable to complete everything so I did what I could which was the first 2 exercises all sets done. Below are my results for today’s redefine episode 3 workout.

Working Sets:
3×5 110lbs

Decline Bench Press
3×5 110lbs

Workout Time: 40 minutes
Supplements Taken: EBOOST x1
Start Time: 7:15PM – 8PM
Energy Levels:  6/10

The weight is still increasing 5lbs every workout so while the back squats and bench press weights aren’t super high I still felt a pretty good burn and effect from my workout. Overall I’m pretty happy how everything went. I would definitely recommend to be careful when unracking the bar if you are doing decline bench press without a spotter. Just be smart when you’re lifting. I often times don’t use a spotter since I workout in my home gym so I always make sure to work correctly. It’s all about quality over quantity(how much weight used) in these workouts.

Redefine Episode 3

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