Redefine Episode 2 + Afterglow Supplement Review

So in this episode I simply show my workout I did for today which was my modified starting strength. The workout felt pretty good overall but this was one of the few days that I didn’t use a pre workout drink that I’m used to doing. Instead I simply just took a protein bar that was about 330 calories and 28g of protein. Seemed like I did pretty good though so I’m proud of myself. Since this is only session 2 the weight hasn’t stalled yet so the following was the exercises and weights used. Due to time issue I only did the required 3 compound lifts and not the optional other exercises that work minor muscle groups.

4 warm up sets per exercise (not shown here)

Working Sets:

3×5 85lbs

Military Press:
2×5 70lbs

1×5 100lbs

I also did a review for Afterglow post workout supplement. It’s an interesting drink and the sample I got was already inside a bottle just needed to add water! It’s nice because it has 200+ calories, 20g protein and 32g carbs. Loaded with BCAA and Glutamine as well!

Redefine Episode 2

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