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I was blessed enough to get a full variety pack of protein bars from Quest Nutrition. I tried all the bars one by one over the course of several days and wanted to give my honest reviews on them. I would smell the bar first (haha) and see if it resembled the flavor it was trying to be and then begin to eat it. I’ve got some videos you can watch below about the unboxing of my package they sent me as well. Thanks again Quest Nutrition!

Quest Bars Variety Pack flavor review:

Cinnamon Roll – Had a hint of cinnamon but other than that no real defining flavor

White Chocolate Raspberry – White chocolate chunks with raspberry flavored jam bits it seemed very good but also sweeter

Cookies and Cream — Was sent 2 bars ,good flavors and bits of cookie inside with cream bits as well. Not a distinct flavor
until halfway through bar

Lemon Cream Pie – Has strong lemon smell however the bar itself is light brownish with little speckles of something inside it and I wouldn’t
think of it being lemon cream pie until the smell. The taste is a faint lemon flavor similar to a lemon-head candy very faint.

Coconut Cashew– has almonds/cashews and dried coconut in the ingredient list but I didn’t really taste them but I could definitely smell the coconut flavor

Double Chocolate Chunk – Legit big pieces of chocolate in the end half of the bar like chewing on straight milk chocolate was awesome bet use of actual pieces
in a protein bar thus far.

Strawberry Cheesecake – Had nice cheesecake smell but didn’t really have distinct tastes after halfway through the bar. No pieces or anything in it like others

Peanut Butter & Jelly – Has real peanuts inside the bar several big pieces. Has distinct peanut butter smell but when eating I can taste a jelly flavor more
than peanut butter flavor interesting.

Banana Nut Muffin – Strong smell exactly like banana nut muffins which is impressive, tiny bits of nuts in some areas of the bar.
No dried bananas bits or anything noticed. One of the better bars that follows through on taste as I felt I was eating a protein
bar version of the tasty muffin.

Vanilla Almond Crunch – Small bits of almond pieces, no distinct smell but can definitely taste a sweet almond flavor when eating.

Apple Pie – Smells just like real apple pie and the bar itself has little pieces of apple inside.The bar does feel a little gritty and I kind of get
tired of it after finishing it but its just enough. Eating a lot of this flavor a day though probably wouldn’t be my choice.

Chocolate Brownie – reviewed by Jessica my girlfriend – “it tastes like raw cocoa powder doesn’t look like the cover it’s like a big chewy chunk of hard brownie but doesn’t have much chocolate taste other then the first shock of cocoa. Smells like chocolate.”

Mixed Berry Bliss – Faint berry smell, small bits of freeze dried blueberries and strawberries inside the bar. Good taste would eat several a day if needed.

Peanut Butter Supreme – Has some peanut butter pieces it appears in the bar good flavor could eat several.

Chocolate Peanut Butter – Smells like peanut butter and chocolate but appearance is just a dark bar. Nothing really fancy about the taste
or any pieces or bits. I only noticed what seemed like  little tiny dots of peanut butter at the end of bar.

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