Friday Q & A: Top 5 Common Fitness Questions

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Q & A Friday: Top 5 Common Fitness Questions

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Week 1 Journey
Q & A Friday! 

Today is Q & A Friday, if you dont know what that means. It stands for Questions & Answers.  Usually by this day in our journey I’ll have a few people ask me some questions throughout the week. This video is trying to aim & answer your questions during the week. If you ask a question on Kickstart Sunday or any day I’ll try and answer it in this video for you! This week we didnt have too many people ask questions but I am answering the top 5 most common fitness questions I get asked. I hope you guys enjoy the video of the first week of Q & A Friday!

This Week for Q & A, Friday our questions were the following:

  • How long until I see results from working out
  • Can I turn fat into muscle
  • Can I move fat from one side of my body to another?
  • Does P90X Really Work
  • One SECRET! You have to watch to find out!

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Talk To You Guys soon!

Q & A Friday


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Here’s to Q & A Friday!


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