Redefine Episode 4

Another installment in my workout program is Redefine Episode 4. I wasn’t able to do the optional work (Dips,Skullcrushers & Calf Raises) but I did the most important exercises which was the main lifts. I felt pretty good in this workout and was the first time I had my “Buff Blizzard”. Which is a 1200+

Redefine Episode 3

Still trying to do my best here with my restarted weight lifting program. I like to call it Redefine EP X depending on the session of my workout with the according YouTube video that I upload alongside this blog post. Today’s workout was supposed to be about 7 exercises but I was pressed for time

EBOOST Supplement Review

Just the other day I did a review on EBOOST, which is an all natural supplement that helps to boost your immune system and energy levels. I wouldn’t place it in the same category as super pumped up pre-workout drinks but it does seem to have a decent ingredient list. I would compare this to

Redefine Episode 1: Whats this?

I havent been going as hardcore in my workouts like I usually am. It started in January and I kind of got derailed midway through February getting stomach flu which also reduced my weight quite a bit losing 6lbs in just a few days. After that my appetite sharply decreased and I never picked my

Passover Recipe: Matzo Breaded Fish

So Passover 2013 is upon us, what that means is no yeast is allowed inside your house or overly processed ingredients. All that has to go outside! Have a lot of fish in my freezer to hold us over until we can eat other food next week. Today I decided to try a really simple

Update post since day 5 of my 2013 program

Hey everyone it’s been a while since my last post here detailing my 2013 workout program days. If you haven’t been following me on my YouTube channel then you’re definitely missing out but that’s okay! Basically I’ve still been doing my workouts as best as possible but they don’t feel 100% because I haven’t been