Round 1 of P90X

So here are my round 1 pictures after finishing P90X. These pictures show a 6month timegap because when I first did P90X I only did about 50 days before I fell off the wagon. This is kind of technically round 2, but my first round of fully completing P90X without any missed days. so I’ll

P90X? What made you want to start it?

Why did I want to start P90X? Well. I used to be a severely addicted world of warcraft gamer. I used to play anywhere from 4-12 hours. PER DAY! Yes. That hardcore. I think I even played 15 hour straight at one time. Sitting in my chair. Playing a video game online. I had a

Welcome to the ‘New’ Nuwave Fitness!

httpv://   Hi everyone, Lloyd Sterling here from Youtube or some of you may know me from my older blog website. I want to welcome you to my new websites that will replace my old blogging website indefiantly. This new website will have much more indepth and helpful things like. Fitness Tips Supplement Reviews Workout