P90X3 Review: X3 Yoga

Today was my first time trying X3 yoga from P90x3 which is the 3rd installment in the P90 X series. The main selling point of P90x3 is the fact all the workouts are about 30 minutes max. I just recently started with P90x3 so I haven’t tried all the workouts yet. This was my first workout I did because it was a rest day from my typical weight lifting routine I do. I wanted to do a nice stretch but I figured why not try out the new x3 yoga since its only 30 minutes which is probably a perfect amount of time for me to feel stretched out and more flexible by the end of it.

p90x3 yoga review

I’ve done 4-5 full rounds of P90X classic so I know a lot about all the original Yoga X moves. Yoga X is a great workout DVD but it’s so long (1hr 35 minutes) that people get bored of it quickly, its very intense but can get old fast for some. After a few rounds of P90x classic i started to just do the first 45 minutes of yoga x and skip the rest it became more bearable but the pace was a bit slower.

With P90x2 I was looking forward to a faster routine because I heard it was only 60 minutes long and while I enjoyed P90X2 Yoga workout DVD it felt a but odd to me some of the moves. I only did about half a round of P90x2 because personally I wasn’t the biggest fan of how the workout DVDs were. In general I think P90x2 was a departure from what we learned to love in P90X classic and as such most people didnt really enjoy P90x2 as the first one.

Now doing X3 yoga today I envisioned classic P90X Yoga crammed together into 30 minutes with a much faster pace. I was pleasantly surprised to be pretty much spot on in my assumption! The 30 minute workout was intense but not overly difficulty like P90x1/x2. It was actually a bit easier but I was still soaked and dripping in sweat by the end of the 30 minutes. I will say however, that if you aren’t used to any of the yoga x moves then X3 yoga will definitely take some getting used to. The first few times you do it there will be a lot of pausing to learn the exercises but that’s OK!As always listen to your body and just show up 🙂

I remembered a lot of the moves from classic Yoga X and not that many from X2 yoga which is a good thing in my book :P. About halfway through the workout switches to balance postures and the last 5 minutes or so becomes very fast paced so be careful and take your time. The only problem I see with this workout is that if you are new to exercising and try to keep up with the pace you might fall and injure yourself. A lot of these exercises you should slowly go into them for example “plow” move. However in the video some of the people are rushing into these movements and if you try to do the same with new moves you might hit yourself. So just feel it out and listen to your body for each exercise!

As always just show up and do your best 🙂 If your interested in purchasing P90X3 and having me as your coach feel free to use my link HERE


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