P90X2™ keeps your progress going after P90X® with more Muscle Confusion™. Get 12 new breakthrough workouts that build agility, core strength, and athleticism.



You Have 3 options when ordering P90X2!

P90X2 Base Package:  119.99$

P90X2™ keeps your progress going after P90X® with more Muscle Confusion™. Get 12 new breakthrough workouts that build agility, core strength, and athleticism.  ORDER NOW!

P90x2 Deluxe Package: 239.70$

Now you can get everything that’s included in the P90X2 base kit, PLUS 2 additional extreme P90X2 workouts to add even more variety. To optimize your workout, you’ll also get key recommended equipment—all at a savings of over 30%.   ORDER NOW! 

P90X2 Ultimate Package: 329.55$

Now you can get everything that’s included in the P90X2 base kit, PLUS 2 additional extreme P90X2 workouts to add even more variety, and key recommended equipment like Tony Horton’s PowerStands®. Expect maximum results AND 20% savings. ORDER NOW!

P90X2 Development:

Developed by the original Power series creator, Tony Horton. Tony broke the mold with Power 90, pushed the envelope with P90X and will become legendary in defining an entire generation of exercisers soon to come with P90X2.

Beachbody is currently developing a sequel to it’s infamous P90X brand. The sequel aptly named P90X2 is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2011. If you’re a P90X grad and curious what P90X2 will bring to the table, just let the trailer speak for itself. The truth is that no matter if you’re a grad or not, anyone can expect to get stronger, more flexible, and more ripped from this program.

This workout is designed for maximum intensity and efficiency. In fact, the completely redesigned program still has a 90 day timetable but will be so intense and efficient that it will only require a 5 day a week commitment. Unlike P90X that was 6 days a week.

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Breaking NEWS! ALL 14 P90X2 Workouts Announced


  • 1. Recovery and Mobility – Workout emphasizing not only stretching but also the importance of recovery.
  • 2. Chest, Back & Balance – Moves Taken from P90X 1 on 1 vol 3. Exercises include 3-ball plyo push ups, and 4-ball push ups.
  • 3. P.A.P. Upper – Post Activation Potentiation (Upper Body)
  • 4. P.A.P. Lower – Post Activation Potentiation (Lower Body)
  • 5. Plyocide – P90X was about vertical jumps. X2 is about vertical (up & down) and lateral (side to side) moves.
  • 6. Base & Back – A combination of plyo and pullups wrapped into one full length workout.
  • 7. Balance & Power – A combination of balance components to strength components. An extremely unique combo.
  • 8. Yoga – A constant flow approach to yoga, eliminating the standing balance moves with a shortened warm-up.
  • 9. V Sculpt – V-Sculpt is going to be a Back/Bicep killer. (ONLY FROM ORDERING THROUGH A BEACHBODY COACH!
  • 10. Ab Ripper – Fifer Scissors with a twist! Other moves from P90X 1-on-1, vol. 3, like the Abronome!
  • 11. Total Body – Example moves like One-Armed Bicep Curl while in Warrior 3, Pull-Ups in a crunch position, and Plyo Push-Ups using a balance ball.
  • 12. Shoulders & Arms – Moves like Pike presses on 2 balls with feet elevated, using instability to improve strength.
  • 13. Core – An intense belnd of plyo moves and core exercises. The Next Level of Core Synergistics.
  • 14. X2 Chest Shoulders & Triceps–  Adding onto the classic CST workout from P90X classic. Now with a twist and more intense! (ONLY FROM ORDERING THROUGH A BEACHBODY COACH!

Muscle Confusion™ Take 2

At the heart of the P90X franchise is the idea and science of muscle confusion. P90X was the masterpiece that delivered this decades old concept to the masses. P90X2 will undoubtedly up the ante and bring us all a fresh new series of muscle confusing exercises that will hit every area of our bodies. P90X2 will deliver new movements, sets, supersets, and complexes that are going to have your muscles so bewildered, they’ll be screaming out for Tony to stop the madness.

Less is More

Training only 5 days a week with P90X2 may have some confused, especially when thinking back that P90X was a firm 6 day a week program. However, remembering what you learned from P90X: that your body can only really properly recoup and grow while you rest is how “Less is More” starts to make sense. The evolution of P90X has delivered to us a program that is all about efficiency. P90X2 will be hard yet efficient training that allows the exerciser to “earn” 2 full days off.

The 14 Disc Program

Foundation, Strength, and Performance are the three different aspects of your fitness that P90X2 will focus on to improve. Just as P90X evolved into another series of Muscle Confusion exercises, so will your body. By starting with the foundation, P90X2 will help you build strength by eliminating instability which will in turn create a powerful exerciser who has overall improved performance.

P90X2 will quite literally pick up where P90X left off 7 years ago. However much has changed in the fitness and exercise world since then. P90X2 embraces new research and applies what P90X originally brought to the table as well as adding in the last 7 years of research and sports medicine science to the program. The end result will be that absolutely anyone from aspiring 10K athletes to professionals of any sports and fitness genre will benefit from it.

The Scientific Approach To P90X2

It’s been said that there’s a thin line between genius and madness and we couldn’t agree any more. In order to ensure that P90X2 had the right amount of genius we decided to enlist the help of a true expert. Dr. Marcus Elliott and the Peak Performance Project have been enlisted to preside over Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board and ensure that the evolution of P90X and muscle confusion is bar none.

With P90X2 one of the most sought after fitness experts Dr. Marcus Elliott and the Peak Performance Project (who had previously only been available to world-class athletes), will now with just a push of the DVD play button be available to you.

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