P90X2 vs P90X – The Real Truth!

While I don’t currently do full 100% P90X, I do still occasionally do the workouts. I originally started P90X in 2009 and did over 3 full rounds of P90X, 2 rounds of P90X+ and then played around with P90X2. While I haven’t done a full round of P90X2 I know enough about it to give a solid review on the two different programs.

Below I have a video talking about P90X2 vs P90X, it will discuss the pros and cons of each program. Also the ideology behind the programs and what my personal recommendations are!

It’s a great informative video if you are wanting to know which program is right for you! If you are wanting to get either program than feel free to purchase them through the link below.

P90X Base

P90X2 Base 

 P90X2 vs P90X



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