P90X Mass Round, Day 75+ 76: Yoga X, Shoulders & Arms

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****DAY 75+ 76****  @ 8:07PM


I love this app for my android phone, its great and defiantly helps to count calories. Majority of this information is spot on which is great. I almost hit my mark here today but i’m stuffed right now! 🙁
Below Information is from today’s food only. Otherwise this post will be really long from images.

Pre Workout

16 oz whole milk

1 serving black powder



Post Workout

16 oz whole milk

1 serving iso mass



Thursday, was a pretty busy day @ work. Overall though we did alright. Not too much to discuss here except we did do a rat neuter today lol.

Workout: Day 75+ 76: Yoga X, Shoulders & Arms(No Weighted Vest)

Day 75: So I forgot to post for the last 2 workouts, on this day I was feeling really really sore. Not to much I have a really bad cough and congestion that has been with me for the past 4 days before this. I’m not sure if I have the flu or pneumonia as i’ve had it before and it’s similar sypmtoms. Eitherway, I knew i had missed a few workouts and was tight in my back so I knew yoga would help. I did the 45 minutes of the mandatory Yoga Moves but then had to cut it after that due to it being around 9PM which is my bed time usually if not sooner lol(wake up 5:30AM).

Day 76: -Shoulders,Arms: This was a really great workout I must say. I had very little energy today after workout, which is usually how it always is. I decided to take some black powder before my workout, about 1.5 scoops. Within 45 minutes I was alert, energetic, and even dancing around with my ipod in :). So I did this workout and blasted it really well. I skipped the bonus round for a reason i’m not really sure. Probably my attention span. I used 30 pounds for all the moves except tricep kickbacks on which I used 15 pounds.  Right now i’m drinking my iso mass+ 16 oz whole milk shake.  Tomorrow is my off day from workouts so I probably won’t post then. I do still need to get in an AB Ripper X workout as it has been a few days since that. I’ll probably hit that on Saturday. Until then, catch you guys later!




Quote of the Day:   “Accept the challenges, so you may feel the exhilaration of victory.”


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