P90X Mass Round, Day 56 + 57: Chest, Back, Abs, Cardio

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****DAY 56 and 57****  @ 6:07PM


Around 2500 calorie mark

Pre Workout

16 oz whole milk

1 full serving iso mass


Post Workout

16 oz whole milk

1 full serving iso mass

Day 2-  2 full serving creatine (10g)

1 serving xtend


This was wednesday  and thursday of work. I forgot to post the last two days due to being kinda tied up with other things. So sorry about that ! Today is Friday so im posting now for it. As far as today at work went, it was super busy! :O. At least it made the day go by fast though.

Workout: Day 56: Chest and Back (weighted vest), Day 57: Cardio X and AB Ripper X

Day 56: So this was a good workout, my biceps and chest felt super pumped from wearing the vest.

Day 57: I did about 20 minutes of Cardio X as to not burn too many calories as im trying to GAIN weight. I did do ab ripper x afterwards and it felt really great as well. I enjoyed both workouts,

Today is friday which is my off day so I’ll be relaxing and eating a big feast! I hope to be posting another video soon but im just trying to figure out what would be educational and people want to watch besides just rambling or update videos.




Quote of the Day:   “Only way to know your limits is to go beyond them.”


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