P90X Mass Round, Day 55: Legs & Back

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****DAY 55****  @ 9:19PM


2,670 Calories
79.5 Fat g
281.1  Carbs g
206.4 Protein g

Pre Workout

16 oz whole milk

1 full serving iso mass


Post Workout

16 oz whole milk

1 full serving iso mass



First day back to work. Wasn’t too busy but was steady. Was busy in the morning until around 11AM then it slowed down a bit.

Workout: Legs & Back (With 15 pound weighted vest)

Yesterday was Yoga X but I missed it. One reason was because I did Back and Biceps & Ab Ripper X yesterday. The other reason is that I was one day behind right now and didnt want to do 2 workous to catch up.

Overall today’s workout was good. I feel im getting stronger with pulls and the weighted vest. I did 8 pull ups with the vest on the last move. I used the vest for the whole workout but i did some some of the lunge moves that require zero weight just to save time and get more of a quick intense workout.




Quote of the Day:   “Only way to know your limits is to go beyond them.”


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