P90X Mass Round, Day 52 + 53: Shakeology Has Arrived!

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****DAY 52 and 53****  @ 5:37PM


Terriaki Beef
Shakeology(2 servings!)

Pre Workout

16 oz whole milk


Post Workout

16 oz whole milk

1 serving shakeology(chocolate)



My second day off from work. Tomorrow I’m back to work.. 🙁 sad. I Hung out with my GF all day yesterday which was fun :). Today she had to work so im by myself sadly. Did some laundry today and just worked out. Pretty much it. Oh but my shakeology arrived! Hoorah! I did a youtube video on it. So check my channel within the next 24 hours for the upload.

Workout: Back and Biceps(yesterday), AB Ripper X + Ab Core Plus(Today)

I forgot to post day 52 which was Back and Biceps, and today was day 53. I missed Yoga yesterday but thats alright I suppose lol. So I’m posting for both workouts. Yesterday’s and today. Yesterday’s workout of Back and Biceps was really good. I used 30 pounds for the whole workout and pumped my biceps a lot. Overall not too much detail there. Today was AB Ripper X and AB Core Plus. Was a killer ab workout and my abs are still burning somewhat!

I tried shakeology today for my first time and I must say its really delicious. Not soo great with water but if you mix it with milk. It tastes like a chocolate milk shake. The one thing i really noticed is no matter how you mix it. It still has that thick milkshake taste. Usually with protein powders theres no thickness unless some of the clumps dont mix. At least with shakeology you dont have to worry about clumps. Everything mixes perfectly. If you like milkshakes you’ll love shakeology!




Quote of the Day:   “Success is not measured in achievement of goals, but in the stress and strain of meeting those goals


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