P90X Mass Round, Day 5 and Day 6: Legs+ Much More!

****DAY 5 & Day 6****  @ 9:23PM


-Yeah kind of low calories today. To be honest its hard to take in 3000 calories a day during my work week as its hard to find time to snack throughout the day at work. I know my calories and protein intake are lower than minimum but I’d rather not lie to my viewers about my meal plan. I’m about 600 calories short and about 75-80g protein short. My stomach is just full so what can i say! lol.








Pre Workout

1/2 Serving Black Powder(would like to sleep actually after taking it lol)

1 Serving M-Stak


Post Workout

1/3 Serving ISO MASS


Tuesday and Wednesday of work. Ugh.. soo busy! Yesterday(Tuesday) and today was pretty much non stop busy. We made a good deal of money of course and the day went by super fast but it was pretty nuts overall. Theres only me and one other guy in the front office and managing all that craziness is pretty intense. At least it keeps my brain busy though. Tomorrow is Thursday and its sure to be another busy day! 3 more days until i’m off!

Workout:  1/2 Legs & Back, 1/2 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.
So the reason I did half of each workout is because I actually didn’t do yesterdays workout when I got home. Which would have been Legs and Back. I was quite tired and exhausted to be honest and didnt feel like working out. Of course I didn’t feel like working out today either but my girlfriend does a great job of helping me to push play after a full day of work. She has a surprise for me and I can’t get it unless I workout half of each workout she said to make up for the lost day lol. I wonder what the surprise could be.. anyway. The workouts were really good. I had energy to complete them thanks to black powder and M-Stak. I noticed my stamina is increasing steadily and my strength is increasing some as well. Only problem I noted today was that after my workout, I took my post workout drink. Which was 1 scoop of ISO mass. To be honest I felt like I was going to puke after drinking it and I still feel like that now. I’m not sure if its the intensity of the workout or just the smell/taste of ISO mass but yeah.. hopefully my stomach settles throughout the night. Either way tomorrow is approaching me and I’m 30 minutes late for bed as of this writing!(9:29PM). So I’m gonna do my best to go to sleep now, hopefully Black Powder doesn’t keep me up all night like it did last time I took it. Got work tomorrow so I’ll post again after my workout tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

Quote of the Day:   “The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”




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