P90X Mass Round, Day 48: Core Synergistics

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****DAY 48****  @ 9:32PM


PB Sammich
PB Sammich
Taco Bell(oops!)


Pre Workout



Post Workout

16 oz whole milk


First day back at work today, as far as work is concerned the day went okay. I made a couple of errors from previous days that caught up to me today. They weren’t costly but it did bother me.  Today was an average day, not too busy and we got out close to 5pM.


Workout: Core Synergistics

Last day of recovery week today, started the workout at 8PM, usually i go to sleep at 9PM so i was really pushing it. However I didn’t want to miss this day because its a good core workout and essential to staying fit. So I did my best and managed to finish the whole thing! Now of course I didn’t use the weighted vest, one reason is that i’m on my recovery week and 2 is, that there isn’t enough push ups to make using the vest worth while. Also no pull ups. Overall this was a good workout and im glad I did it. Now to finish drinking my milk and head to sleep! Seeya guys tomorrow!




Quote of the Day:   “It is easy to get to the top after you get through the crowd at the bottom”


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