P90X Mass Round, Day 45:Ab Core Plus + Ab Ripper X

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****DAY 45****  @ 8:30PM


Had about 32 oz of milk today. Maui Tacos for lunch(its soo good!), some chicken and probably a burger in a little bit.


Pre Workout

1 Serving Animal Pak

16 oz whole milk


Post Workout

16 oz whole milk


Last day of my work week, today was busy but not insane busy like a usual Saturday is which is nice. Overall we left at around 5PM and we close at 4PM. Not too bad considering we usually get out by like 5:30 on Saturday.


Workout: Ab Core Plus followed by Ab Ripper X.   Kenpo X

Yesterday was my off day from working out so thats why no post yesterday. Today’s workout was supposed to be Kenpo X but since im trying to gain mass and weight. Doing Kenpo X will defiantly defeate the purpose of that. So instead I decided to do both AB Core Plus from P90X+ as well as AB Ripper X, since its been a few days since a good ab workout. For 30 minutes of abs and core, this was a really good workout. Its not something i would recommended unless you’ve mastered both ab ripper x and ab core plus seperately. As these two combined together is difficult to complete. I just managed to get through it today. I must say though that my abs feel very good now 🙂 Tomorrow is Yoga X it looks like. So I’ll see you guys then!




Quote of the Day:   “Unless you change how you are,you will always have what you’ve got.”


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