P90X Mass Round, Day 27: Shoulders & Arms

****DAY 26****  @ 9:30 PM


I didn’t count my calories today.  All i know is I ate a lot of bagels, drank a lot of milk, and never got the super hungry feeling. Except right before lunch lol.


Pre Workout

2 Bagels with peanut butter

16 oz of milk


Post Workout

1 serving xtend

2 serving creatine(10g)


My first day back at work.. oh joy. Well today was a pretty mellow day actually, it was still rather busy but not insane busy like on Friday or Saturday.  Overall today went by fairly quick so that makes me happy lol. Tomorrow should be more busy than today was. Which is good and bad.


Workout: Shoulders & Arms(15 pound weighted vest whole workout)
Today was Shoulders & Arms, I actually haven’t done this workout in quite a while so its nice to come back to it. I love any workout that is weight training related that doesnt involve legs or pull ups lol(hate those). Today’s workout went good, I used 30 pounds for majority of the bicep moves, on some I had to drop down to 20 pounds. As for the tricep kickbacks I used 15 pound weights on those.  I didn’t post my Day 25 as it was simply AB Ripper X and Day 26 was Yoga X which i missed.

I just finished my last day of week 4. I’ve missed every Yoga X workout so far(4 total), and I’ve missed 2 Cardio X workouts for a total of 6 workouts missed.  I dont feel too bad about it considering they weren’t weight training days, but still. I just can’t seem to get back into Yoga X. I used to to it a lot back in my 1st-3rd rounds. But now i’ve done it soo many times, doing it for an hour and 30 minutes is lame lol. Sorry I dont mean to make excuses, anyway I’ll seeya guys tomorrow. Video for today will be posted when I can upload it on youtube. As for now I’m off to sleep. Later!


Quote of the Day:   “The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”


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