P90X Mass Round, Day 21: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

****DAY 21****  @ 9:30PM


2,033 calories
59.2g   fat
237.3  g   carbs
117.7 g  protein

– didnt hit my calorie mark today but im really full.


Pre Workout

1 Serving M-Stak

1 Serving ISO mass with 16 fl oz of whole milk


Post Workout

1 serving xtend

2 serving creatine(10g)


Thursday of work. Pretty mellow day. Had a few bursts of busy but overal a less than busy day which is good. We managed to get a lot of stuff done as far as like cleaning and updating some things that needed to be done. We do have a staff meeting tomorrow during lunch which im not looking forward to. Our boss might be mad at us for some reason.. 🙁


Workout: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (15 pound weighted vest whole workout)
Today was chest shoulders and triceps. I did the whole workout with the weighted vest on which makes me feel accomplished and proud :). It was a pretty tough workout but I did my best and managed to complete it all without ever taking the vest off.

Yesterday I missed legs and back due to celebrating a big accomplishment for my GF. I’m one day behind right now, so tomorrow is my off day of working out. However i’ll probably do my AB Ripper X in order to catch back up on days. Right now i got 5 days total missed during a 22 day period. Tomorrow will make only 4 days missed though once i catch up.

I’m out to sleep(9:46PM), got work tomorrow. Its friday tomorrow.. a busy day for sure.. oh joy.



Quote of the Day:   “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye.”

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