P90X Mass Round, Day 16: Back & Biceps


****DAY 16****  @ 9:26PM


2,540     Calories
97.8     Fat
294.4   Carbs
116.7  Protein
Didn’t feel very good to take a protein shake. If I would have it would push me almost to 3000 calories which is my usual goal each day but i rarely reach it lol.


Pre Workout

1  Serving Black Powder

1 Serving M-Stak


Post Workout

1 Serving X Tend

2 Serving Creatine(10g)


Saturday of work. Another busy day. Not too much to say except that it was going to be a lot more busy but about 6 people canceled their appointments for one of the doctors so it became less crazy lol. Now to enjoy my two days off!! 😀

Workout: Back & Biceps
Yesterday was Friday which is my off day from working out. Today was Back and Biceps. I did half the workout but I used 30 pound dumbbells exclusively. I’m working my strength back up to be able to use 30’s all the time. I stayed in the 4-8 rep range for this workout. When i got about halfway done with the workout my form was getting sloppy and I was only able to do 1 rep with 30 pounds so that was my body telling me i was maxed out with 30 pounds. I didnt want to drop down to 20’s as that would just be creating tone and definition. Right now im working on Strength and Size.



Quote of the Day:   “When you know what you want,and you want it badly enough,you’ll find a way to get it .”


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