P90X Mass Round, Day 11 and Day 12: Back/Biceps/Abs!

****DAY 11 & Day 12****  @ 7:54PM 


-Had some Kash cereal today. Some chicken breasts and 1/3 iso mass serving pre workout. Nothing too major today in the diet department. I was kind of sluggish today and just relaxed all day lol.


Pre Workout

1/3 Serving ISO Mass

1 Serving Black Powder

1 Serving M-Stak


Post Workout

1 Serving X-Tend

2 Serving Creatine(10g)


Day 1 of my two days off. Man its soo nice to relax and just have to do nothing :). Unfortunately it went by way too fast today! I stayed up till like 1AM last night to enjoy as much as I could of being free from work for two days. Then i woke up today at around 6AM, went to the bathroom. Then woke up at around 10:40AM and started my day from there. I pretty much just chilled, either watched tv most of the day or looking at stuff online. Until around 6PM at which point I started my workout.

Workout: AB Ripper X, Followed by Back & Biceps
So I started my workout at around 6PM this evening. Knocked out AB Ripper X then went on towards Back and Biceps immediatly after. Back and Biceps went good overall, still working towards getting my strength back 100%. Once I’m able to complete workouts easily each day. I’ll add my weighted vest back for more intensity. Once I finished my workout today I was feel pretty ill. Like I was going to puke. I leaned over the sink and was waiting for it to come but it never did. Close but no cigar. I think one of the reasons I get like that after a workout is probably over heated.  The think I look forward to the most after an intense workout is… no not the post workout drink. It’s a cold shower! Man oh man thats soo nice to have a cool shower after a hard workout. Makes me feel like a million bucks after 🙂

So I’m sure your wondering what happened to day 6-11. Well I did do some of them but I just didn’t post about it. Right now I’m on day 12 and I’ve completed 10 workouts and missed two total. One day was Cardio X and AB Ripper X. The other day was Yoga X. Not 100% efficiency but not too bad for working full time. I’m drinking my post workout drink at the time of this posting and then im going to relax. One more day off then back to work on Tuesday.. nooo! Well…. stay tuned for more updates!

Quote of the Day:   “The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”


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