P90X Legs and Back Routine Too Easy?

So I received a question from someone the other day, asking me on tips to increase their P90X Legs and Back Routine. I decided to make a YouTube video which I’ll link below but I also wanted to cover some quick topics here incase you don’t have the time to watch my video.

P90X Legs and Back Routine

First off I think this is a solid workout from P90X. It combines strength training but also endurance training together through weighted lunges( if you so choose) and pull ups. Since the person asking me this question is finding the workout too easy here are some tips to increase the intensity:

  1. Increase the Weight – If 20lb dumbbells in each hand while doing lunges is too easy, try to increase the weight and even if your form is less it will still bring muscle changing results!
  2. Greater Variations of Chin/Pull Ups – P90X Legs and Back Routine usually have basic wide, neutral and super wide grip  exercises. If that’s too easy look into incorporating Pull Up Crunches, L Pull Ups, or Weighted Pulls up (10-20% body weight)
  3. Weighted Vest – Possibly the best investment after you become stronger in your P90X workouts is the weighted vest. Especially one that is adjustable from 10-40+lbs. Having that extra weight on you will force your body to react and learn to deal with the increase in weight. Your reps most likely will drop significantly but it’ll be worth it when you are putting on slabs of muscle!


These are just some tips you can incorporate into your P90X Legs and Back Routine! If you would rather watch a video of me talking about these topics then please watch the video listed below!

P90X Legs and Back Routine


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