P90X DVD List

P90 X is a world-class at-home fitness program. With 90 days and the opportunity to repeat this program. Giving 12 intense workout DVDs.  You’ll be trained from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet in all varieties of exercises ranging from abdominal workouts,push-ups, pull-ups, lunges and squats. Since I’ve done over five rounds of P90x I thought I would let you guys know what you can expect in the p90x dvd list. I’ll briefly go over all the workouts and what exactly you’ll be experiencing as far as difficulty and exercises.


p90x dvd list

P90X DVD List

  • Chest & Back – This workout is about 54 min. long and is majority of push-ups and pull-ups switching back and forth along with some weighted exercises. This is one of my favorite workouts because your chest feels super pumped after finishing.
  • Plyometrics – Intense one hour of jump training. This is called the mother P90 X if you can survive this workout without pausing and you’ll be good for the rest of the 90 days. You’ll run faster, jump farther and have a better conditioned heart after 90 days of this.
  • Shoulders & Arms – One of the workouts that doesn’t use pull-ups at all this is focusing purely on your shoulders and arms by doing a variety of weight exercises.
  • Yoga X – This workout is disliked by many people of P90X just because it’s so long at one hour and 35 min. however it’s probably one of the most beneficial due to all the stretching and flexibility you’ll gain.
  • Legs & Back – Just when you thought you were done with pull-ups,  legs and back brings it back with heavy squats/leg exercises & pull ups.
  • Kenpo X – Kenpo is a kicking and punching/martial arts workout. You go through basic punch uppercut hook combination moves and you’ll be moving nonstop for one hour to burn as many calories as possible.
  • X Stretch – This is a great workout that is going to stretch your body for an hour. Think of this as light yoga.
  • Core Synergistics – Is a full body workout that seems like a mixture between resistance training and cardio activity. You’re working the midsection primarily including abs.
  • Chest, Shoulders, Triceps – This workout you don’t experience until phase 2 of P90X but it incorporates what you’ve learned in phase 1 then amplifies it to make you even stronger. With all sorts of new push up exercises.
  • Back & Biceps – This in addition to chest and back is probably one of my more favorite workouts. You push really hard to build up your biceps and if done correctly this will be a great way to build size on your arms through chin-ups and bicep curls.
  • Cardio X – this is the mini version of plyometrics, Tony recommends that if you’re not ready for plyometrics that you start cardio X first then gradually build your way back up. This workout incorporates moves from Kenpo, Yoga, Plyo & Stretching all into 45 minutes.
  • AB Ripper X – This is probably the most well-rounded abdominal workout I’ve found. For 15 min. three times a week you work all areas of your midsection and core. Requiring no additional equipment outside of yourself and a yoga mat. This workout is quick and very efficient at what it does.

P90X DVD List

Well there is the p90x dvd list. 12 intense workouts that are going to push your body to limit and beyond. If you’re interested in getting yourself P90X then please check our link below!

p90x dvd list
p90x dvd list
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