P90X: Back and Biceps

P90X Back and Biceps is another workout that you start doing during the second phase if you are following the classic or the doubles version of the program.

Talk about getting a pump going in your biceps. Your arms are going to burn after (and during) this workout. Back and Biceps consists of 24 exercises. You are going to start with a variation of a pull-up and then do a weighted back exercise. Then you are going to do 2 bicep exercises.

There are variations of pull-ups that I think most people have never heard of, such a towel pull-ups and corn cob pull-ups. Pull-ups are much more difficult to do in this workout than the others because your biceps are going to get very fatigued.

The exercises go as follows…

  1. Wide front pull-ups
  2. Lawnmowers
  3. Twenty-ones
  4. One-arm cross-body curl
  5. Switch grip pull-up
  6. Elbows-out lawnmower
  7. Standing bicep curl
  8. One-arm concentration curl
  9. Corn cob pull-up
  10. Reverse grip bent-over row
  11. Open-arm curl
  12. Static arm curl
  13. Towel pull-up
  14. Congdon locomotive
  15. Crouching Cohen curl
  16. One-arm corkscrew curl
  17. Chin-up
  18. Seated bent-0ver back fly
  19. Curl-up/Hammer down
  20. Hammer curl
  21. Max rep pull-up
  22. Supermans
  23. In-out hammer curls
  24. Strip-set curl

Because this is a “no repeat” workout, each exercise should be performed so that the last 3 reps are difficult.  Use the weight you feel will best enable you to max out on the last 3 reps.

Keep in mind that 12 to 15 rep counts are for developing longer, leaner, and slimmer muscles, while lower (8-10) rep counts are more geared to build mass.  The exception to the rule is with pull-ups.  During these exercises it is recommended to just do as many pull-ups as you can do during each set.  If you need to, modify these movements by using a chair for assistance.

P90X Back & Biceps will lead to some jaw-dropping biceps. While guys will definitely add major size to their favorite mirror muscle, this workout will also do wonders for women who just want to tighten and give definition to their back and upper arms. No matter what your goals for this routine, you will achieve them in drastic fashion – just get ready to do a whole bunch of pulls and curls.




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