P90X Round 5 Mass: Week 1 Update! (Video Included)

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P90X Mass VERSION 2.0. (ROUND 5)

DAY 7: Plyometrics



1500-200 calories

work was slammed, didnt get to hit my calorie mark today :(.


Pre Workout

2 serving C4(due to the intensity that is plyometrics)

Post Workout

1 serving xtend


Saturday, the 5th day @ work. Today was pretty bust as well. We close @ 4PM but didn’t get out until 5:30PM lol.

Workout: Day 7, Round 5(in total), Mass Round (v2). Plyometrics!


Day 7: Here is my week 1 update video. Overall for this week we pushed hard in our workouts with the help of our new supplement C4. Also did our best in Plyometrics but only did half the workout as to not burn too many calories and defeat the purpose of trying to gain mass.


Quote of the Day:  “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further then a great idea that inspires no one.”


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