P90X Round 5 Mass: Day 6, Rest Day!

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P90X Mass VERSION 2.0. (ROUND 5)

DAY 6: Rest Day!



200 calories

100g protein

126 carbs


Pre Workout

rest day


Post Workout

rest day


Friday, 4th day @ work. Today was super super busy, very annoying, and just we were completely slamed most of the day with dumb stuff.  I’m glad today is over though for sure. I plan on going to sleep early now cause of it!

Workout: Day 6, Round 5(in total), Mass Round (v2). Rest Day!

Day 6: My rest day! I’m super tired from work today so im glad friday’s are my rest day. I didn’t eat all that much food today because i was simply too busy @ work to eat anything other than a burrito for lunch… great i know :(.

I’m gonna go to sleep now probably(8PM), i gotta wake up @ 5:30AM. So tomorrow is my day 7 so i’ll probably make a week 1 update video. Seeya guys later!


Quote of the Day:  “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further then a great idea that inspires no one.”


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