P90X Round 5 Mass: Day 5, Shoulders & Arms + AB Ripper X

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P90X Mass VERSION 2.0. (ROUND 5)

DAY 5: Shoulders & Arms + AB Ripper X! 



2500 calories

125g protein

220 carbs


Pre Workout

1 serving C4(MY NEW SUPPLEMENT! :D)


Post Workout

2 serving creatine

1 serving xtend



Thursday,  3rd day back @ work. Today wasn’t too busy. Was able to get a lot of paperwork type stuff done for work which is good. Downside is that my allergies were acting up all day until about 3PM which was ANNOYING!!! 🙁

Workout: Day 5, Round 5(in total), Mass Round (v2). Shoulders & Arms + AB Ripper X

Day 5: Today’s workout is supposed to be ‘light’ shoulders & arms meaning 12-15 reps. I stuck to the 6-8 rep range and just did half of the whole exercise instead. Followed it up with AB Ripper X. Overall it was a good quick and a efficient workout. I’m not really looking forward to work tomorrow since its gonna be super busy but i am looking forward to my rest day tomorrow! :D. Day 5 complete! Seeya tomorrow!


Quote of the Day:  “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further then a great idea that inspires no one.”


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