P90X Round 5 Mass: Day 21, Yoga X !

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 P90X MASS Version 2.0(ROUND 5) 

Day 21  Yoga X! 




2500 calories

120g protein+

Pre Workout

1 serving C4 !(fruit punch)

is win!


Post Workout



My 1 of 2 days off… they seem to go by soo fast now. 🙁

Workout: Day 21, Round 5(in total), Mass Round (v2). Yoga X   (RECOVERY WEEK! ) 

Day21 (10/30/11):  Sunday, so this officialy starts my week 4 which is my recovery week. I gotta say, its been a good while since I’ve actually done Yoga X. At least 4-5 weeks. I have 1 day a week with my current schedule to choose any workout but I always tend to opt for that as a rest day since its “Your Choice”.

With that being said, I took my pre workout drink and headed to do a full yoga X! Since I dont get much stretching workouts anymore and I defiantly need to be flexible again. I made it through the whole workout and did really well on the balance postures. I defiantly could tell my flexible had gone down since I stopped doing Yoga. My reach on some of the moves was considerably less.

Either way, I’m happy I did today’s workout and I felt really calm and relaxed after completing Yoga X. Which is the whole reason to do it/ aside from getting flexible lol. Seeya tomorrow for some AB Action!


Quote of the Day:  “Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”


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